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Klipsch R-110SW
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Electrocompaniet EMP-1/M

Multilkanals SACD spiller

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The EMP 1 is Electrocompaniet’s multi-channel multi-format player providing outstanding audio and video performance.The six balanced analogue output stages are improved versions of the output stages used in the highly acclaimed EMC 1UP. SMT-technology has improved circuit board layout giving a shorter signal path from the DA converters to the XLR outputs. Power supply and regulation is also improved to keep negative impacts at a minimum. The optical module provides excellent playability and is mounted on a anti-vibration platform to minimize external interference when reading the disc. DA conversion after upsampling to 192kHz/24bit is handled by the latest DACs from Cirrus Logic. The EMP 1 features a very precise clock source that has been buffered locally before clocking the upsamplers and DACs. Thus audio data is resampled and converted to analogue format in a clock domain with very little jitter. Nothing is spared in the analogue section of the EMP 1. All channels are identical from input to output, rivaling even the best CD-player in component, build and sound quality. The video section features the latest Faroudja DCDi technology including a scaler and de-interlacer, producing a outstanding progressive-scan video picture that can be scaled up to a resolution of 1080. Video outputs consists of a HDMI output with HDCP support, as well as a component output. The EMP 1 is truly exceptional - providing video, multichannel and stereo audio playback that defines the current state of art.


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