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Yamaha YSP-1600 sort
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Optoma HD90+

LCD projektor med unik bildekvalitet.

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"Powered by 3 x LED’s, the HD90 delivers enhanced image quality with a wide colour gamut, superior colour saturation and outstanding brightness using separate Red, Blue and Green LEDs to produce intense yet accurate colours. Advanced switching of these LED’s provides increased image stability that rivals the performance of 3 chip DLP projectors.
Performance is nothing without consistency. Unlike traditional lamp technology the LED illumination in the HD90 provides consistent brightness and colour performance, so maintaining its out-of-the-box image quality throughout its lifetime and saving you from costly calibrations.
The benefits don’t stop there. In many situations the perceived brightness of the HD90 LED projector can be up to twice the brightness of an equivalent lamp-based projector. Utilising this phenomenon, known as the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch (HK) effect, the HD90 produces vividly intense colours. This enhanced brightness perception enables the HD90 to comfortably render screen sizes far higher than its ANSI brightness specifications would suggest. This allows the HD90 to handle low levels of ambient light with less impact on image quality than lamp based systems.
Finally, the lamp-less LED illumination engine that powers the HD90 does not require the inconvenience and cost of frequent lamp changes to maintain its optimal performance. It also doesn’t need lengthy warm-up and cool down cycles before and after every viewing due to its almost instant start up and shut down times."

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