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Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution walnut Utstillingsmodell
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Quarkie Viper head yellow

Hodetelefonplugger med fantastisk lydkvalitet og tøft design

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NOK 424,00


  • Ø Britisk studio-monitor lydkvalitet

  • Ø Unike skreddersydde, høy kvalitets ørepropper, i fire størrelser: XS, S, M, L, som passer perfekt i øret for topp ytelse og nytelse

  • Ø Utmerket ekstern støy isolasjon

  • Ø 13,5 mm hi-tech element med eksklusive aluminium talespole og neodymmagnet

  • Ø Høy følsomhet, lav forvrengning og utrolig bassytelse



First, I wanted to look great with the eye catching buds. Once I got em on my ears, its all about the great sound I hear. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds!

·         Francesca

Who said substance and style doesn't mix? These headphones are great quality and fashionable too. Win win situation I think. These definitely need more publicity.

·         Sophie Dallison, Great British Mag

I love them! If you’re like me and picky about the earphones you buy, you’ll love these! The sound quality is really impressive and the noise cancelling eartips let you really enjoy your tunes and escape the noise of the city. Just make sure you wear the right size eartips. I tried them all until I found the perfect fit for optimum noise cancelling action and comfort. The vipers are a bit bulky, but they’ll definitely make you stand out in a crowd – and who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of attention?

·         Bloomberg Businessweek

The incredible sound has not been compromised in order to produce some awesome looking designs.

·         Bring the Noise

Certain to add bling and colour to otherwise dull Autumn/Winter looks.

·         IT News online

Whether you are a music junkie, a fashionista or an animal lover, there is something to suit you.

·         MSN Tech and Gadgets

Are these the quirkiest headphones ever made?

·         HipHongKong

“We tested the Quarkie in-ear earphones for a few days. The earphones performed best when we were listening to electronic dance music, especially DnB. The sounds were top-notch - clear audio performance with low distortion as we were walking up and down the stairs of Lan Kwai Fong.

The noise isolation feature is just magic. Our neighbor was doing construction work on one of the days we were trying the product. Once we put the earphones on we couldn’t hear any of the drilling noise!”

·         Geraldine

love my new quarkie headphone. For a tiny headphone, its sound quality is superb and powerful.
Beautifully designed and comfortable to the ear.

·         Sandy Quan

Knockout sounds! Love the unique stylish purple design.

·         Miri Rose

The most fantastic headphones, well designed and awesome sound.
They made my music NEW

·         Zach S.

“I’ve owned the beats tour and the bose MIE2i earphones, and the Quarkies are simply better. A fantastic frequency response – deep base, faithful midrange and clean treble, with stunning designs to match this is perhaps the perfect earphone.”

·         Anonymous

When I changed to Quarkie headphones I heard tones in my songs I never heard before.

·         S.R.

Brilliant sound and brilliantly original.
Love them.

·         Frutiger

My first thought was this is a design gimmick.
But that was only until I had the snakes in my ears. 
Great sound, who would have thought…

·         Anonymous

Just got the snake eye as a gift. love it

·         Chris M

Headphones arrived quickly and was well packed. All different sizes of ear inserts are supplied.

Make sure you use the right one and the sound will be WOW!

·         Andy

okay so i am a bit of a audio freak! i bought these as my first ever mid to low priced headphones because of the look, all i can say is that they are brilliant for the money!

·         Nat8X1

Fantastic look with great overall sound quality for less than $100.

·         Cocogirl

Who says earbuds have to be boring? These are jewellery for music on the move.

·         Dmania

Good clean sound, very satisfying bass

·         Prinz

Hands down the best earphone at this price.

·         Limdrama

Crazy good look and so loud! Earbuds have most comfortable fitting.
Probably the best fitting I've ever had.

·         Jingjing

Sooo cool. The fit in the ear is perfect so no problems with jogging or activity

·         Avatari

Don’t be fooled by the pretty sparkles. These earbuds’ sound quality is fantastic.

·         ManuFranu

NOISE. ISOLATION. ideal for blocking out the world on your way around town.

·         Kingsland 88

Weird + great quality. Plenty of bass and natural sound

·         CoraJi

Fun design! Wait till ppl see u on the commute, it’s amazing.

·         Selleung

They isolate so well, great for plane travel. After my stock earbuds, I really feel the sound quality.

·         Anubis99

Beyond fantastic design and finish and better bass and drum than I expected.

·         Ztx01

Awesome earbuds with squishy foam tips. Great for when LOUD is needed.

·         CoraJi

Fun design! Wait till ppl see u on the commute, it’s amazing.

·         Anj90

Earbuds with attitude love the way they make u feel

·         Vir Cotto

Spectacular choice for anyone looking for new earbuds. They look amazing and the sound is the best I’ve had

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